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COORDS/PLATO source code archives are made available for download from its SourceForge project page, with addditional materials available from our own download site.



COORDS is a dynamic typing language implemented in C++. It was begun in the early 1990s as a proprietary project with a view to providing a platform for data exchange applications.

COORDS was designed to model run-time type schemas (meta-data) and data with a single language. The COORDS system and its intepretive language, "DataTalk," are discussed in an overview.

COORDS has a limited facility for functions, with or without arguments, compiled from source code to be made available in the interpreter.


PLATO is the proposed new version of COORDS that brings generalized type and function evaluation into the COORDS system at the conceptual level. Since this represents a fundamental change, we have given this COORDS descendant the new name: PLATO.

The previous COORDS function system is expanded to dynamically defined functions. Dispatch (accessing) of types and attributes is extended with an evaluation phase for all types that produces function evaluation as a special case.

The intepretative language is modified for function evaluation, enlisting parentheses to enclose function and arguments, in LISP-like style. (COORDS used parentheses only to optionally group general type and attribute operations.) The plans for the PLATO version of COORDS are described more fully on our site in a "Manifesto".

Open Source

The COORDS system and the PLATO project are Open Source under the Free Software Foundation's GNU GPL2 license, and are available on SourceForge at the COORDS/PLATO project.