Google Workspaces for non-profits, set up and administration.

Getting a simple website up and running need not be turbulent.

You don't need a big I.T. budget to get on the web for simple uncomplicated sites.


Data EXchange Associates has over thirty years of experience in a wide variety of information technologies ranging from software development in various languages and platforms to web development. We can help with software design, development, project management and support. We can also provide a good technical ear to help you flesh out your thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding a project.

Small business, home business, and non-profits getting a web presence need not be a turbulent process. We can help you find very low cost solutions for web sites, email and other web based services.

Linux system specialists. Linux is the free, Open Source operating system. Linux is a low cost solution for application, file, email and web servers. Linux offers low cost of ownership, no licensing fees, Open Source. Linux integrates easily into existing MicroSoft network filesystems. If you need a server we can have one custom constructed to fit you needs and provide you with ongoing management and support.